Do You See What I See?

Sensory adaptation occurs when receptors change their sensitivity to the stimulus. This happens a lot. Think about the person who wears too much cologne and doesn’t notice, but everyone else does. Or how gum seems to lose its flavor, but if you take a break from it and then pop it back into your mouth, the flavor returns.

Or how the charms, wonders, and offerings of your own city seem to fade as you go about living your life.

There’s a simple antidote for the last one: visitors.

I was blessed with two sets of visitors in February. In my quest to ensure they experienced the best visit possible, I was reintroduced to Dijon: A medieval city of 150,000 people. The center of the Duchy of Burgundy centuries ago. A place that overflows with culinary treasures, wine, and heritage.

With secret courtyards tucked behind massive gates. And huddled buildings with cobblestone streets that barely seem wide enough for one car. And charm. Lots and lots of charm.

Seeing Dijon through their eyes was like taking a break from my gum and popping it back in. Dijon’s charm stimulated my senses again. The fact that I turn corners and feel like I’ve intruded on a movie set where the director is about to call “action.” That I walk through a wing of a Duke’s palace en route to school. Even in the rain, the palace shimmers an enchanting glow.

Don’t wait for visitors to find the magic where you live. Take a fresh look and reintroduce yourself. Whether a big city or small town, find the local charms, wonders, and offerings where you live, and reinvigorate your senses. They’ll thank you for it.

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