My Amsterdam

What’s the first thing you think about when you hear Amsterdam?

Wine, right? Okay, even a self-proclaimed wino like me doesn’t think that either. However, on a recent trip to Amsterdam, I actually tried—and liked—two wines made in the Netherlands.

That’s right—wine from the Netherlands.

When I saw two local wines listed on Vyne’s menu, I couldn’t contain myself. “I can’t believe you have wine from the Netherlands on your list!”

My server replied, “I can’t believe there’s a wine good enough from the Netherlands to be on my wine list.”

While Chardonnay and Pinot Noir aren’t my favorite grapes, let’s face it, they’re the stars of Burgundy and enjoy worldwide acclaim and popularity.

I do enjoy them at times, but find other grapes more exciting. However, any wine from any grape from the Netherlands was exciting to me. Bonus, the wines from Domein de Wijngaardsberg were good! The Pinot was particularly good with my wonderful Burrata, roasted tomato, and basil dish.

Which leads me to another thing to think about when you hear Amsterdam: food. Yes, food. I ate well during my time in Amsterdam.

My Airbnb host clued me into Thrill Grill, a burger joint established by a former Michelin-starred chef who turned his back on haute cuisine to focus on street food. In Hungary, you have to be careful with beef, particularly ground beef. It’s a pork country. So I try to get my beef fix whenever I travel. Thrill Grill was a great place for a fix. The Skinny Thriller—no bun but still bacon on top!—and Parmesan truffle fries were I went back a second time and devoured the Classic Beef Thriller.

During my visit, I also enjoyed a waffle with dark chocolate and fries with curry sauce. And I wonder why my pants are a little tighter this year.

That’s my Amsterdam. But I’ll share.

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2 thoughts on “My Amsterdam

  1. Love burrata! All the food and wine sounds wonderful.

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