Making Limoncello

When roundtrip airfare and lodging combined cost $300 for a three night trip to Italy, the question isn’t why not, it’s when.

Thanks to Ryanair and Airbnb, I visited Pisa with a side trip to Lucca. On the menu was


mouthwatering pizza,

   creamy risotto,


meaty Tagliatelle Bolognese,



and velvety gelato.



And, of course, delicious house wine. When you’re in Italy, you only need to order the house wine and you’ll have a harmonious accompaniment to your meal at a great value. Italian food and wine are made for each other, especially if you’re going with regional fare. It’s a match made in heaven, which just happens to be one of the words I use for Italy. Heaven.

Magic is my favorite word. There is something magical about Italy, and it’s worth returning to try and pinpoint exactly what that is.

My version of stopping to smell the roses? A midday stop at an enoteca on a small plaza tucked away in Pisa’s medieval section. Some sparkling wine will do wonders for the soul…and weary legs. And when someone graciously offers free cheese and bread, you’d be a fool to say no. Ahhh, the magic of Italy.

When life gives you lemons, why make lemonade when you can make limoncello?!


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