Chillin’ at the Market

I injected myself into the throng and allowed it to direct me through the stalls. Aromas of spicy curry, roasted beef, fresh bread, and pungent cheese mixed with unfamiliar scents to arouse my taste buds and remind me that it was lunchtime.

My eyes feasted on my options before settling on a sign that made me stare with both disbelief and delight. Prosecco: 2.50 £.

I disconnected from the swarm and hurried to the table. “Excuse me. Does this mean that I can drink a glass of Prosecco while shopping in the market?”

The server’s amused affirmative reply told me that she had seen my look before.

Plastic flute in hand, I sipped my Prosecco while re-injecting myself into the throng that I now barely noticed. This was the way to shop. Whoever started the rumor that Brits don’t know how to do food has never been to London’s Borough Market.

Borough Market has a mix of British and international fare throughout more than 100 stalls. The current market’s history dates back to the 13th century. Parliament closed it down in 1755, but residents resurrected it the next year. There’s an objective food quality panel to ensure what’s sold meets high standards.

The range of cuisines is impressive. If you can’t find something you like at Borough Market, you don’t deserve to eat.

My favorite finds include crocodile, zebra, kangaroo, and ostrich burger patties; three colors of cauliflower; and some wine from Hungary.

Finally, my senses and stomach couldn’t take it anymore—I had to eat something. And eat I did.

I started with a flaky and savory beef empanada along with my first glass of Prosecco. Next I enjoyed chicken and sweet potato curry over rice with my second glass of Prosecco. For dessert, I relished goat’s milk salted caramel ice cream. I also purchased white truffle oil as a souvenir.

As I was enjoying my ice cream, I reached what seemed like the entertainment part of the market. There were some places to sit, and a DJ was pumping tunes that matched the buzz of the place. I also spied an information desk and approached to see what kind of information was available.

Before I could say hello, the gentleman behind the desk said, “Hi. You look very chill.”

I smiled and nodded. I was very chill. And there’s no better way to do Borough Market, if you ask me.

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3 thoughts on “Chillin’ at the Market

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  2. It sounds like the Market is even cooler than 10 years ago. Can’t wait to check it out again one day myself!

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