The energy surges through me like a laptop recharging after the battery low warning. It’s been more than 20 years since I’ve been to London and as the energy radiates through my limbs, I wonder why I waited this long.

Maybe I needed to go when I needed it the most.

London doesn’t disappoint. My “to do” list is as varied as the city’s opportunities. What started as a trip for a writing event developed into a full assault on center city. There are the regal activities: the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and a walk about Kensington Palace and the gardens. For classic London, there’s Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Parliament, Tower Bridge, Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, and Hyde Park.

For the foodie in me, a visit to the House of Twinings, lunch at Borough Market, and afternoon tea at the Athenaeum.

For the theater lover in me, a tour of the Globe Theatre, a walk past the Old Vic and the New Vic, a Saturday night performance of Evita, and a matinee of The Commitments. For even more culture, there’s the British Museum and the National Gallery. A visit to a local Toastmasters club includes exploring Notting Hill.


And, finally, because I love As Time Goes By, an excursion to Holland Park.

London is now just a memory. Yet I still feel its sizzle—like goose bumps rippling through my limbs.

Where do you recharge?


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6 thoughts on “Recharged

  1. Love this post – I can feel the energy from here. Your enthusiasm is contagious. I will be visiting London soon but Budapest is not a bad place to recharge either!

  2. Amanda on said:

    Sounds amazing — makes me want to go back for a visit!

  3. I’d kill to walk through Borough Market right now! LOVE that place!

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