A World Record!

On May 20, I picked up a colorful flyer near the Basilica. “Legos” leapt off the page. The remaining words were in Hungarian, yet I could tell something was happening from May 21-25.

A Hungarian friend translated it for me: they’re going for a world record Lego tower.

The foundations of tents were already popping up on the Basilica plaza. Within a day, a mini Lego land appeared.

On May 21, the tower foundation appeared—a thick, colorful base with a familiar ghost-eating fiend on the side. A host of Lego friends also appeared, although initially corralled so as not to walk away before the party started.






By Saturday, May 24, the Lego party was in full swing, and the Lego friends mixed and mingled with the crowd. The tower really looked like a tower. But it wasn’t a record setter…yet.

To me the highlight was how the tower was built—mostly by children. The Lego land included a special tent where children received a handful of Legos to build each segment of the tower. There was a constant line for this tent, and the children were focused on the task.

On Sunday, May 25–success! Budapest’s fifth district mayor put the final Lego in place. The crowning jewel was a Rubik’s cube, in honor of the toy’s 40th anniversary. The tower itself reached 34.76 meters (114.042 feet) and was certified as the world’s tallest toy brick structure by a Guinness World Records representative.

You never know what might happen in Budapest!

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4 thoughts on “A World Record!

  1. Love all the fun activities in Budapest. Never a dull moment!

  2. Claudia on said:

    This is so neat! My neice is a huge fan of Lego and would have loved to participate in this event.

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