My New Love Affair Continues

I spent the next day and a half getting to know my new love better. And wine was definitely on the agenda.

I started each morning with a delicious and generous breakfast prepared by Linda. On the first morning, I stuffed my face with scrambled eggs mixed with bacon, freshly baked bread, garden vegetables, homemade jam, and the winery’s own grape juice. (And, yes, I mean grape juice, not wine.) The next morning brought yogurt, meats, cheeses, garden vegetables, bread, homemade jam, and grape juice.

And I forgot to mention the homemade cinnamon loaf that Linda shared during the wine tasting on my first day. I never would have guessed how good of a pairing it would be with the wines. Delicious!

I visited three other wineries in Tokaj: Benkő Borház, Erzsébet Pince, and Hímesudvar. In all cases, my tastings were led by the wine maker or a cellar owner family member. These people bring the wines to life—there are no better teachers! I toured the cellars, which are dark with mold and cobwebs, as long as there is wine in the cellar. It may sound creepy, but I thought it was cool.

I learned about the six grapes allowed in Tokaj. What initially surprised me the most were the dry wines. First, that there were many dry wines. Second, that they were really good. You definitely don’t hear about dry Tokaj wines, at least not in the States.

Then I realized that I was also enjoying the off-dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines. Another surprising development. While I didn’t like every single wine I tasted, I definitely enjoyed most of them. This wasn’t just a fling. I was in it for the long-term.

While in Tokaj, I also visited a small wine museum and saw one of the best cared for cemeteries I’ve ever seen. My walk about town revealed other interesting and fun sights.

As I boarded the train at the end of my visit, I did not say goodbye to Tokaj. Instead, I said au revoir. Even if I wouldn’t return to the town itself, I knew my taste buds would return soon.

Then I wondered if the land of bull’s blood would be another love.

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