The Butterfly Mystery

Yesterday I was getting on the Metro and noticed the railings and nearby signposts were covered with white paper butterflies. Some had writing on them; others didn’t. I saw names and hearts on some of the butterflies, but I also saw ones with non-romantic phrases. Many were blank. An Internet search provided nothing except that you can purchase similar butterflies in packets for weddings. Does anyone know anything about these new additions to the Budapest scene?

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5 thoughts on “The Butterfly Mystery

  1. The Budapest Spring Festival runs from March 21 to April 6 – and it looks like the butterfly is the symbol of spring.

  2. Claudia on said:

    Have you heard of yarn bombing? (,29307,2077071,00.html) I wonder if this is something similar (and wonderfully creative).

    • I’ve never heard of yarn bombing–how crazy and fun! Cozies unite! I learned that the butterflies are part of the Budapest Spring Festival. More on that in a quick post.

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