Adorable and Delicious

Imagine biting into a hotdog. Your mouth feels the initial resistance of the casing. Then a split second later, there’s a gentle pop as the casing relinquishes its hold, revealing the juicy, flavorful, and tender filling. And did I mention it’s nutritious?

I’m not talking about just any hotdog. That is the delightful beginning of a Mangalica hotdog.

If you recall from an earlier blog, Mangalica are curly-haired pigs. They are special to the Hungarian region (although they are now being bred elsewhere) and to say that they offer tasty meat is an understatement.

Last month, Budapest hosted a Mangalica festival. There were lots of opportunities to experience Mangalica’s delicious (and, yes, according to my Hungarian friends and colleagues, nutritious!) goodness.

First stop, though, was the pig pen where I could see living and breathing Mangalica. They were hairy and weird-looking and adorable—especially the piglets! It almost made me feel bad for my cravings. Almost.

Afterwards, I was on a quest to find a Mangalica burger. Turns out, that was one form not offered at the festival. (At least, we never found it.) Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed a Mangalica hotdog—with forralt bor, of course. What a wonderful combination!

As for my quest, it turns out I didn’t have to wait for a festival to have a Mangalica burger. I found one at Jack’s Burger. The meat was incredibly juicy and tender and a bit sweet.

For those of you who eat meat, you must try Mangalica. You won’t be disappointed!

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9 thoughts on “Adorable and Delicious

  1. Now you’ve got me ravenous!

  2. Yes please! Sounds great. And since I eat more hot dogs than a grown man should, I’ll add this to my bucket list. Thanks!

  3. Poor piggies! Though not a fan of meat, I can still appreciate learning about new foods.

  4. What is forralt bor?

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