Több Forró Csokoládé

Just when I thought hot chocolate couldn’t get any more intense, along comes the Noir Chocobar’s dark hot chocolate with chocolate bits. Translation: once the bits melt, you’re drinking fondue. Thank goodness they give you an airy cookie with it. I drank half the mug and took the rest to go. (Although here you don’t say “to go,” you say “take away.”)

If it’s fancy forró csokoládé you’re seeking, look no further than the New York Café. Housed in the former New York Palace, now the Boscolo Budapest, the café is splendor to the max.

My friend Percy was in town, so we stopped at the New York Café to experience the grandeur and warm up from walking around in the cold. The aesthetics and ambiance lived up to the café’s reputation. And the piano music floating down from the balcony at just the right volume completed the scene.

My forró csokoládé karamell was decadent. The sprinkles were whimsical and surprising for the setting. It was quite a treat.

Another day, we went to the Book Café, found upstairs in the Alexandra Bookstore. This café is also elegant, but has a warmer charm than the New York Café. And the forró csokoládé Mogyorós was lovely.

So much delicious hot chocolate available, so little time.

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2 thoughts on “Több Forró Csokoládé

  1. Beautiful! Will you be taking your family there? 🙂

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