A Chocolate Class? Homework Please!

In September 2013, I attended a Chocolate Festival. While there, I tried an amazing bonbon—pumpkinseed cream in dark chocolate—from Lady Lavender.

At the end of the festival, I purchased another one and told Gyöngyvér, the chocolatier, that it was the best chocolate of the entire festival. I also asked where I could buy her chocolates. She doesn’t have a store, but she does host classes where people either watch her make bonbons or learn by doing. Either way, you leave with the bonbons of your choice. Sign me up!

I checked with my friend Ilona about it. She was in! We decided to go for the learn-by-doing experience and scheduled the class for late November.

Gyöngyvér led us through the melting, tempering, molding, filling, and finishing stages. I made only pumpkinseed cream filled bonbons. Ilona made two different kinds: one with rose essence and one with chili.

We quickly learned why Gyöngyvér recommended wearing clothes you wouldn’t mind getting messy. Somehow chocolate spread all over my hands and face. Ilona even sported a dot of chocolate on her nose! Could it be because we ate some (many!) of the shavings throughout the class and all of the leftover filling?

At the end, Gyöngyvér supplied the accoutrements we needed to give our bonbons a professional finish. She also provided detailed instructions on the equipment we would need if we wanted to start making chocolates at home.

We left the class with full bellies, smiling (and freshly washed) faces, and bags filled with our own special bonbons. It was a sweet evening—and, yes, I mean that literally and figuratively.

PS. Wishing you all the things that bring you joy and feed your soul in 2014. Happy New Year!

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2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Class? Homework Please!

  1. Did we get a taste of these bonbons? 🙂 Mom

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