Some Final (and Random) Vienna Highlights

There are so many wonderful things that I haven’t shared about Vienna, so this final post about my visit will be a random assortment of sights. Some are tourist attractions, some are for my fellow foodies, and one is just quirky.

I’ll start with Hundertwasserhaus, an apartment building conceived by Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Hundertwasser started out as a painter and then focused on architecture, at one point adopting the philosophy of “architecture in harmony with nature and man.”

Hundertwasserhaus looks like a patchwork quilt, the public areas have uneven floors, and there are terraces with trees and other greenery. It definitely sticks out among Vienna’s stately style. To accommodate the growing number of tourists, Hundertwasser designed a shopping arcade opposite the building so people could experience his architectural philosophy first hand without bothering residents.

Another architectural spectacle is Ankeruhr, also known as the Hoher Markt Clock. The clock was created during 1911-1914 and survived the bombings of World War II. At every hour, a figure crosses in front to music. At noon, there’s a musical parade of all the figures.

For the foodies, there’s the Naschmarkt, a food market with more than 120 stands and restaurants offering a range of cuisines daily and a flea market on Saturday. I did a double take at one stand that offered curry hummus. I just had to buy some—delicious! A couple other items made me stop for a second look; I love finding unfamiliar foods.

For those of you who love freshly-squeezed orange juice, you don’t have to go to a café or restaurant. Just venture into a local Spar.

Finally, for some unexpected quirkiness, just walk through the MuseumsQuartier, one of the ten largest cultural parks in the world. As you go through a short tunnel to reach Mariahilfer Strasse, make sure to look up.

With that, it’s goodbye to Vienna—for now, not forever.

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