Thanksgiving in Vienna

This was my first Thanksgiving away from family and home. Having heard about the amazing Christmas markets in Vienna, Austria (and confirming that they would be in full swing), I decided to spend Thanksgiving there. It would also be my first time in Vienna, so there were lots of things to look forward to.

The train ride was three hours, taking me right into the city and close to my lodging, a studio flat courtesy of airbnb. I traveled on Thanksgiving Day itself, arriving around lunchtime. Having visited my family in October and been treated to the traditional Thanksgiving meal then, I wasn’t looking for any meal in particular. Eager to explore the city, I grabbed a hotdog mit Frankfurter from a nearby stand and was on the move.

Vienna knows how to deck its halls. Streets, store windows, buildings—the city was beautiful and ready for the holidays.

Around mid afternoon, I was ready for a break and a treat. My friend Percy had recommended Café Demel, so I headed there. I was almost rendered speechless by the chocolate soufflé. Incredible. Divine. Heaven. You pick the superlative; Demel’s soufflé delivers.

Within the café, you can watch the magic of creation. And there’s a small store where you can buy its treats. Who said you can’t take it with you?!

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2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving in Vienna

  1. Send one of those souffles to me in China!

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