Not a Domestic Goddess

I hate to iron. This will not surprise my mom. No one else will care. So why write it? Because I had never seen a fancier ironing board than I did at my temporary housing.

This ironing board was fitted with items that I didn’t recognize or know how to use, such as an antenna-like feature at the back (hard to see in the picture, because I have it standing up). You could even plug in the board itself. For those of you ironing experts, I can just hear your scoff or see your eyes roll.

I’ve also learned recently that after doing multiple loads of laundry, I’ve been using liquid fabric softener instead of detergent. Clearly my “educated guess” purchase wasn’t so educated.

And while I’m on the subject of washing, let me share with you the dials of my current washing machine. Without an English language user manual (my place didn’t have one, and I’ve searched the web to no avail), I had to piece together some basic instructions using Google Translate.

I decided to show the same picture to my Hungarian/German/Serbian colleague Kati (she actually claims no single country and is fluent in multiple languages). Even she was a bit perplexed with the middle dial and all of its pictures. At least she clued me in to the right spin speed and temperature settings to use. Of course, I had not been using the right ones.

Clearly, I am not a domestic goddess.

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4 thoughts on “Not a Domestic Goddess

  1. Just like your Mom!

  2. Amanda on said:

    An ironing board that plugs in is really ingenious! I would still spray water, shake the clothink item vigorously and call it good enough. 🙂

  3. Eric Gearhart on said:

    Well, maybe not a domestic goddess, but certainly a goddess! 🙂

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