First Impressions

My first trip to Budapest was earlier this year for a second round job interview. I landed at 6:00 pm, settled into my hotel by 7:00 pm, and then launched myself into the city for dinner.

Being a wine lover, I had researched Budapest’s wine bars. Not three blocks away was DiVino. It was Wednesday, and the joint was hopping. The party spilled outside with people enjoying their wine on the plaza. This was my kind of place!

First priority: wine. I nabbed a seat at the bar and perused the extensive chalkboard wine list. DiVino specializes in up and coming Hungarian winemakers. I explained the type of wine I enjoyed and, based on the server’s recommendation, selected a red from Villány. (More on Hungarian wines in later posts.)

Second: dinner. Hungarians are known for their love affair with meat, so I selected the butcher’s plate.  The foodies reading this will be horrified to know that pâté freaks me out. I tried it, but focused more on the other meats on my plate. It was a total protein fest, and, yes, there were leftovers.

I visited five wine bars during my initial trip: DiVino, Innio, Kadarka, Drop Shop, and Doblo. All different, and all enjoyable.

On a totally unrelated note, thanks go to Rachel for advising me on WordPress and allowing me to copy her theme. Being the techno dinosaur that I am, she saved me hours of research and frustration.

Coming up: the city explored. Egészségedre!

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3 thoughts on “First Impressions

  1. rachel on said:

    I got a shout out! I feel honored. Blog looks great. Can’t wait to read more about your adventures. In the future, let’s get some food posted for the pescetarians of the world.

  2. Cindy Jensen on said:

    I am in love with your site Jen! Thanks for sharing your adventure with us!

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